Schmerling Documentary Photography

Man with dog overlook mine siteOur time is so short, and the future so terrifyingly long. Through the art of brush, pen and lens...we possess a swift and sure means of touching the conscience and clearing the vision.
Ansel Adams

Although the U.S. holds itself up as a model of civilization and democracy, political corruption and public apathy have helped create policies that protect criminal corporate activity—and corporate CEOs—at huge public expense. Comprehensive policy regulating land use has lagged far behind advances we have made in other areas. The manic extraction of fossil fuels by an industry interested in providing neither energy, nor employment, has created the national catastrophe and embarrassment known as mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining. Likewise, urban sprawl has squandered immense parcels of open land, creating inner-city blight, spiraling taxes, congestion, horrendous energy waste and a score of related problems. Documentary photography enjoys a rich legacy of showcasing to the public the best and the worst of human activity. My purpose is to employ photography to help raise public awareness, and create public outrage, pressuring officials to act in the long-term interest of the public.

My purpose is to show the public what the major media outlets have failed to show, and what people need to know, so that our public policy reflects what is actually best for the public.

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